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When his job was eliminated in a corporate reorganization after nearly ten years with the same company, Arnie experienced first-hand the challenges faced by career-changers and job-seekers everywhere. 

With extensive education and real-world experience in technical communications and business writing, he recognized that he could help other folks in career transition, and in 1994 founded ResumeSOS.com with his partner Gail Smith Boldt. 

A published author,  savvy career coach, business writer, and skilled public speaker, Arnie's credentials include Job & Career Transition Coach (JCTC), Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) and many more.  Visit About Us for additional background.      

  • Uncertain about your own options after being "downsized?"

  • Feeling the need to start a job search after too many years out of the market?

  • Sensing  you're overdue for a career change and want to explore what's out there?

  • Feeling highly motivated to make a career change, but not sure how to begin?

  • Experiencing changing expectations in your work environment and feel unprepared to deal with them?

  • Feeling insecure because others are losing their jobs and you're not sure what to do next?

     If you answered "yes" to any of these questions,,, 
     It's time to consider your next steps with the help of a Career
     Transition Professional who is fully prepared to help you
     successfully navigate these challenges...to where we hope 
     you want to be:  successful in a job you love.

    Our clients (over 4,500) include teachers, medical professionals,
    skilled tradespeople, engineers, IT professionals, accountants,
    sales and marketing professionals, production workers, athletes,
    librarians, and performing artists, among many others.   
"Toast of the Resume Industry" Award
Multiple Nominee
"Toast of the Resume Industry" Award Nominee
Arnie's resumes and cover letters have been recognized for excellence in a wide variety of categories and published in over 40 books.
Arnold G. Boldt
Arnold-Smith Associates practices the highest ethical standards of professional conduct.   Our services are completely confidential.  Contact us for a free, initial consultation.
  Our mission is to provide the highest quality, 
    personalized career transition services 
      for individuals seeking new opportunities: